Raising Children Without An Air Conditioner in the Summer

Given my husband Jacob was associated with a company that manufactured biodegradable vegetable based clean-up merchandise, therefore, he was dead against the use of air conditioners in our home at Phoenix Arizona.

Whenever my four kids Joshua, Mathew, Andrew and Emma demanded an AC be installed in their respective rooms, their dad Jacob would declare, “Though an air conditioner performs a very important task in the contemporary world; however, it has an incalculable off-putting effect on our planet. It creates an unnecessary gas known a chlorofluorocarbon, which in turn generates a perforation in the ozone sheet. Thus it is the main intimidation to the atmosphere. The perforation produced due to this gas is perilous and permits unstrained ultraviolet rays which are very detrimental to the human race as well as to all sorts of living organisms.”

I often became frustrated during the months of June, July, and August because I found it very hard to do my job along with bringing up a sweaty gathering of my four lovely kids. Though I had always desired to take pleasure in motherhood, yet it repeatedly astounded me how some moms assume that motherliness should rather be continued. However for me… motherliness was not like that; and I would repeatedly express to myself, “We may risk an allegation when our kids are babyish and need us as caregivers. On the other hand, when they are sufficiently mature they will manage to survive their individual lives and carry on with their own explorations.”

Accordingly, I kept looking for healthy substitutes of Air Conditioners when one day I came across an advertisement online which figured out as follows:

“These days, you can obtain moveable units which hand out the same function as conventional units. A customary unit typically weighs a minimum of 100 pounds which is very weighty in comparison to any transportable unit. A transportable air conditioner unit recommends the same chilling potentials as do the bigger units. Transferable units possess many advantages such as:

  1. Easy movability owing to manageable weight
  2. A transportable air conditioner has a small number of interior fractions which significantly lessen the necessity for safeguarding safety inspection and preservation.
  3. Transportable units utilize not as much of electricity and this is an additional very appealing point among customers.
  4. A few portable units have particular ducting that will lead cozy air to the outside which will assist you to salvage on chilling expenses.

The moment I observed this advertisement, I got in touch with that particular company and made the down payment. The very next day the AC was delivered to our place and became a source of relief as well as fun for my kids who were enduring the hot summer months without an AC. Jacob kept asking me if the AC  was eco-friendly but before long, I found him snoring because he was enjoying the pleasant chill of the AC.

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