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What more could you ask as a mother, than having some sort of alliance of other like-minded mothers looking for better ways and methods to being a great parent. People that like to read books join book clubs, people that love working out join gyms, and mothers that love their children and desire a network to socialize with should form some sort of mommy club. Creating a blog about mommy experiences is kind of like joining a mommy club, but it’s online instead of having a physical location to meet up. Having a place for all the mommy’s to meet up and socialize at is important. A lot of times, I sometimes feel lonely being a mother of so many kids. Having a support system of other moms to get together and talk about parenting would make life a little less stressful.

Moms need friends too. The busy life of day to day activities can take a toll physically and mentally. Not every mother is prepared for the curve balls life throws at you. Having the mental toughness to get through challenges will be vital for any great mother to be there for their child. Showing love and affection to your child is whats most necessary in hard times. Having the ability to look your child in their eyes, and say, “I love you” everyday is what brings me joy. I’m always there for my children no matter what.
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I think its a great idea to get together with similar moms and socialize. Taking a step back from the busy lifestyle, any parent will have a big weight lifted off their shoulders. In today’s time, more than ever, less and less women are becoming stay at home moms. Gone are the days where the majority of women after high school get married, have children, and become stay at home mothers. Luckily, those days are long gone. Today there are more serious roles women are taking in several different industries.

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Times have changed and so do priorities. Every mother deserves the chance to have a great upbringing for their child. Regardless of what you think or what you’ve been through as a parent, life would be so much easier if you had a constant group of moms to go to if anything serious came up. When I say serious I mean, common problems parents face. Problems with parenting, a troubling child, or even having to juggle a crazy schedule. Having an alliance or group of other moms to have your back pocket would be priceless.

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Sometime moms that just gave birth or are pregnant need some other moms to go to when something out of the blue pops up. Not every mom is prepared emotionally to deal with the roller coaster experience of raising a child. Raising one kid is tough, but raising several children will be a challenge. Looking back, I wish I would have had some sort of club or mommy alliance I would be apart of when I was pregnant with my first born child. My first born was a great experience, but at that time there many things I had no clue about. If I had some sort of way to reach out to several mothers and ask questions, I would at least have a chance to make the time a little less stressful.

Nothing should be more important for a mother than spending quality time with their children. Without a doubt, when quality time with the kids becomes jeopardized something wrong is happening. I’ve never once held my time elsewhere more important than spending time with my children. I’ve been fortunate to be able to meet a lot of other great mothers through my child’s school. Meeting plenty of great parents through the school system has been quite an experience. There are parents from all over the place, with so many different stories. It may be difficult to decipher who the parents are, but over time personalities come out. Over time you will know who the right mommies to build your alliance with will be.

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