Why to Schedule Play Dates with Clean Mates

When it comes to setting up play dates for your children be sure to be cautious of dirty kids. I know it may sound rude or offensive to talk about other children’s household situations, but as a proud mother I learned the hard way. There was one particular instance I will never forget.

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My son had a play date with one of his school friends, and it ended up being a bad idea dropping him off at the boy’s house. No hard feelings to my son’s friend, but the parents weren’t very clean and sanitary. The house was hoarded with messes everywhere. The smell was musty, and there were clear obvious signs of bed bug and flea infestations. A small tip to remember, never put up with other people’s household issues or you might have to hire a pest control company to come out and exterminate pests brought in externally.

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You see the problem is created when my son came back into our house. These pests, bed bugs, fleas are so small you can barely see them. If I would have known he was bringing in unwanted pests, I wouldn’t have dropped him off at his friend’s house. It is a tough proposition. As a parent, I never want to tell my child, “no you can’t go over to Stuart’s house” but after that occasion I simply couldn’t let him again.

Safety is a big problem when you start to deal with insects, bugs, rodents, and other animals. There may be diseases, viruses, or other contamination prone substances being brought into our household. As a mother, I can’t let the safety of my child’s food or health become a serious issue. It isn’t easy making tough decisions, but sometimes you have to be stern on certain matters. If you have to deal with dirty households when you drop your child at a play date, think twice about what your doing.

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It may be a better idea to have your son or daughter invite the friend over instead of the other way around. Many times, when children are surrounded by pets like dogs (the biggest flea magnet) they themselves become magnets of fleas, bed bugs, and other insects that may want to infest your property. It really is hard having to think about yourself, and your overall safety when other children’s feelings are at risk. Everyone should have the ability to have a clean, sanitary, and infestation free household. There really should be no excuse for this.

Play dates should be fun times for your children, if your child isn’t having an amazing time in the first place there should be no reason to set up the play date in the first place. It really is a touchy subject matter to deal with. No child likes feeling left out or rejected. When you bring your child over to their friend’s house never just drop them off. I’m sure you already know that, it’s important to go up and introduce yourself to the parents. During the meeting and greeting time with the other parents is the time to inspect and observe the house. If the house doesn’t look or smell safe, it is a good indication it’s a bad idea to let your child stay.

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Don’t be weird about inspecting and interrogating the parents with a bombardment of questions. The last thing you want to happen is you get into a verbal argument in front of the children, this looks very bad and can have a impact on the kid’s relationship. I’m sure you never hope or aspire to embarrass your children, starting unnecessary arguments will only have serious drawbacks and negative impacts. Case in point, make sure your kids are clean and the children they choose to associate with. No one likes a household infestation due to pests being brought in from other dirty properties.

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