Around the Clock Momma

Once I became a mom I promptly became conscious that kids can be rowdy, and boys are more often than not more energetic, sizable, and violent in comparison to girls. While there are forever exceptions to the rule, usually rearing boys can be difficult. Having completed my Bachelors in Human psychology, I tied a knot with a man who worked at a junk food restaurant only to make a pay check although he was not at all fascinated with food. As a consequence, my man used to be so tired that he was forced to perform speedy and careless sex without providing me the emotions and fulfillment of stretched out coitus.

boys playing

To cut the long story short, I was blessed with five kids i.e. three girls and two twin boys and the current scenario is such that the eldest two are girls eleven and nine years of age respectively; next in line are the twin boys eight years old. The youngest is a three year old girl. Continue reading “Around the Clock Momma”

A Day in the Life

As a little girl, I always loved to line up my dolls at the foot of my bed and pretend like they were my children.  I looked forward to the time when I would truly be a “grown up” and have real-life children to take care of.  Through the passing of time, I continued to long for the day when I’d be a mommy to a houseful of children who would be all be on the honor roll, fluently speak five different languages, eat only healthy foods, and play every instrument in the band.

dolls lined up

Fast forward a few years and here I am.  I’ve got the houseful of kids, but it’s certainly not what I’d planned!  In this blog post, I’m going to let you take a peek into my life as the stay-at-home mom of five young’uns.  Continue reading “A Day in the Life”

Why to Schedule Play Dates with Clean Mates

When it comes to setting up play dates for your children be sure to be cautious of dirty kids. I know it may sound rude or offensive to talk about other children’s household situations, but as a proud mother I learned the hard way. There was one particular instance I will never forget.

hoarded house hold children

My son had a play date with one of his school friends, and it ended up being a bad idea dropping him off at the boy’s house. No hard feelings to my son’s friend, but the parents weren’t very clean and sanitary. The house was hoarded with messes everywhere. The smell was musty, and there were clear obvious signs of bed bug and flea infestations. A small tip to remember, never put up with other people’s household issues or you might have to hire a pest control company to come out and exterminate pests brought in externally.

pest control professional exterminator

Continue reading “Why to Schedule Play Dates with Clean Mates”