Find Your Peace of Mind as a Parent

Everyone can appreciate the virtues of being a parent. The joy and the sense of fulfillment your children can give you day after day is unimaginable. But make no mistake, it is a tolling process and one of the first things you lose after becoming a parent is your peace of mind.

Children demand your attention every moment of the day when you’re at home, and before you know it you’ll consider yourself lucky when you have to stay an extra hour at work. There’s no need to feel guilty, everyone felt it, although few admit it.

Whether you have a crying baby or an over chatty toddler your mind will struggle to find a quiet moment to organize your thoughts. Then when the little adorable devils go to sleep or are off to the grandparents you’re often tempted to immediately burden your brain with another input to process, whether that comes through your smartphone or a computer screen, but doing that you’re not giving your mind a chance to calm down.

crying baby

While the latest news or a movie may seem relaxing and just the thing you need after the kids are off the picture, you’re ignoring that you need to allow some time within the day for your mind to organize its thoughts.

Studies have shown that a few minutes of time spend with just your thoughts and without any distractions can help you feel calmer during the day.

If you fail to provide yourself with such a respite you will suffer for it once you attempt to go to sleep, because your brain needs to have some time on its own. Time to process all the worries and anxieties of the day as well as think out the things it needs to plan ahead. So you may find yourself turning around in your bed unable to go to sleep.

trying to sleep

I too had that problem.

Leading a busy life being a working mother with 5 children, I lost no time to open my twitter feed or to turn on a podcast as soon as I got the chance and my sleep suffered for it. Most of the days it would take me more than one and a half hours to fall asleep and that caused me to feel very tired all day at work.

But I came across this piece of advice on an online forum and I started implementing it. Now oftentimes when I drive somewhere I will not put a podcast on and keep the radio shut. I will just focus on the driving and thoughts will pass from my brain at random.

When I’m walking I don’t put headphones on and instead study my surroundings as if I’m looking at the most spectacular sights.

Ever since I started doing this I found that my sleep has improved greatly even though my work has not gotten any less stressful.

So the next time you move to check your twitter feed think twice, maybe your mind could use some rest.

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