4 Of My Kid’s Birthday’s Are In November

happy birthday cake

November is always the craziest month for me year in and year out. The celebration in November isn’t only Thanksgiving, it’s also 4 of my children’s birthday month. The twins are born on November 5, my youngest girl had her birthday on the 14th, and this past Sunday, the 19th was my oldest girl’s birthday.

happy birthday cake

November started out very hectic, and it didn’t even have to do with birthdays. The election drama was really ramping up in my neighborhood and it was all anyone talked about. I had a leaky shower head and had to have a plumber take care of it and repair it. And I had to prepare 3 birthday parties for 4 kids and then will be packing everyone away to go to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. Novembers are crazy!

gary johnson presidentLet’s start off with the election. I was highly against both candidates and cast my vote for Gary Johnson, not because I believed in him to be president, although I think he was a better option than the turd and douche, but because I wanted higher percentages for a third so people would stop voting between the lesser of two evils. Although, I ended up satisfied with the results of a Trump victory knowing all of the shady and disgusting business the Clinton family has been and is involved in. Not a fan of Trump, and I think he is also involved with TPTB, but at least he woke a ton of people up. While I don’t think he will drain the swamp, I hope some more people start to realize the level of control that swamp has.

Mixed in with all of this election drama, I had to set up a birthday for the twins to start the month. Their birthday is on the half birthday of Cinco de Mayo, so we had a Mexican themed fiesta at our house. They invited about 10 of their friends over for a sleepover, and we set up a big meal at the playground while they all played together. We had tamales, potato salad, and apple pie (they didn’t want cake).

kids park party

baby girl birthdayMy youngest girl had her 4th birthday, and we had all of our family over to celebrate her birthday along with the birthdays of the other two kids. Since she was the youngest, we had the family gathering for her birthday. Bonus part, I didn’t even have to cook. My loving mother and sister brought a roasted ham, vegetables, and also cooked omelets for everyone. Surprisingly so, this was a rather relaxed affair for us all.

quinceneara festivityMy oldest daughter just turned 15, and in Mexican culture, it was a Quinceañera. We rented out a banquet hall for about 100 people, all of her friends, a lot of our family, and tons of other guests were all in attendance. Catering, open bar, dancing, the whole shebang. I was very busy mom the whole night, but it was mostly just talking to people. One of the good things about money is that you can pay to take care of all the stressful parts of throwing a party and pretty much do what you would like to do for the party. The night was a hit, a joyous occasion, and now we are headed into the Thanksgiving festivities.

Thanksgiving should be a pleasant day for the whole family. We will be going to my mother’s house in El Cerrito after we participate in a Thanksgiving walk for charity. Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving day tomorrow!

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