Children at Major Events, Think Twice

Children can be adorable, and they can also seem part tazmanian devil. With a big family like mine (5 kids all younger than 14), I usually will think long and hard before I decide to bring all my children to important events. While I love them all dearly, sometimes, they can be completely unpredictable and can be a nuisance to those around me. This was the case this last Saturday at my best girl’s wedding.

wedding ceremony

I was given the blessed opportunity to be a bridesmaid by a friend of mine for her wedding. This was one of those times where I wish I had hired a force of nannies to take care of my children. The bride just sent me a quite embarrassing picture the wedding photographer took of my youngest girl who escaped the clutches of my husband and wanted to say hi to mommy during the ceremony. 

The picture is of everyone looking towards us as she runs up to the steps I was standing on begging me to hold her.

For the most part, the picture is pretty cute, and the bride didn’t seem to have a problem with it and said she considered it to be a fun memory to look back on. But for me, it was definitely a learning experience.

Unplanned occurrences like this goes to show that children, especially young ones are completely unpredictable when it comes to events that are unfamiliar to them. Whether it be weddings, funerals, nice restaurant outings, and other similar occasions are often heavily considered when deciding whether or not a child should be present at these occasions. There is a reason people will often say ages “blank” up only. It is because there is a certain threshold where children are not as unpredictable and won’t ruin any other person’s experience at an event.

Throughout each of my children’s lives, they have showcased different types of personalities where they were cool, calm, and relaxed during a particular occasion, then, all of a sudden, it seems like a flip switched in their minds and their completely changed their behavior.

In calm occasions where people are sitting or are stationary for a lengthy period of time, it is commonplace for people, especially children to get a little restless on having to keep a certain attitude and behavior for such a long period of time. As you grow in age, you learn to be able to control yourself and your behaviors to function without causing to much attention. But, children, they have yet to be programmed this particular way just yet. During their youth, and in the early years of schooling, there are not too many unspoken rules in place that they have learned to recognize. At a young age is when most children are in the process of learning social cues and when to act a certain way, and when not to act a certain way.

My daughter during my girlfriend’s wedding was in unfamiliar territory. Everyone in the building was quiet except for the pastor and the husband and wife to be. For awhile, my daughter was calm, but it only lasted so long. She became restless and located where I was and decided that she would run up to me. She was unable to identify the occasion that was going on and it didn’t seem out of the ordinary for her to want to run up to me.

3 year old girl

Next time you are going to a place that is unfamiliar territory for your children. Think twice and consider whether or not it would be detrimental to the occasion if your child did something to interrupt the event and whether or not it is out of their character to do so. While it is understandable for your child to do something like this, it is still something that could have been prevented if planned accordingly.



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