Find Your Peace of Mind as a Parent

Everyone can appreciate the virtues of being a parent. The joy and the sense of fulfillment your children can give you day after day is unimaginable. But make no mistake, it is a tolling process and one of the first things you lose after becoming a parent is your peace of mind.

Children demand your attention every moment of the day when you’re at home, and before you know it you’ll consider yourself lucky when you have to stay an extra hour at work. There’s no need to feel guilty, everyone felt it, although few admit it.

Whether you have a crying baby or an over chatty toddler your mind will struggle to find a quiet moment to organize your thoughts. Then when the little adorable devils go to sleep or are off to the grandparents you’re often tempted to immediately burden your brain with another input to process, whether that comes through your smartphone or a computer screen, but doing that you’re not giving your mind a chance to calm down.

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4 Of My Kid’s Birthday’s Are In November

November is always the craziest month for me year in and year out. The celebration in November isn’t only Thanksgiving, it’s also 4 of my children’s birthday month. The twins are born on November 5, my youngest girl had her birthday on the 14th, and this past Sunday, the 19th was my oldest girl’s birthday.

happy birthday cake

November started out very hectic, and it didn’t even have to do with birthdays. The election drama was really ramping up in my neighborhood and it was all anyone talked about. I had a leaky shower head and had to have a plumber take care of it and repair it. And I had to prepare 3 birthday parties for 4 kids and then will be packing everyone away to go to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. Novembers are crazy! Continue reading “4 Of My Kid’s Birthday’s Are In November”

Parents! Keep Your Kids Playing

playing childrenKids require being dynamic each day to prop up their hale and hearty development and growth and those who set up vigorous way of life prototype at a juvenile age will take them – and their advantages- onwards for the remainder of their lives.

Physical movement can assist kids deal with hassle. It also endorses:

  • Dynamic development and growth
  • Improved sense of worth
  • Well-built muscles, bones, and joints
  • Improved posture and sense of balance
  • A resilient heart
  • A beneficial weight scale
  • Shared communication with acquaintances
  • Gain knowledge of innovative talents at the same time as having enjoyment
  • Better motivation and attentiveness during education

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Children at Major Events, Think Twice

Children can be adorable, and they can also seem part tazmanian devil. With a big family like mine (5 kids all younger than 14), I usually will think long and hard before I decide to bring all my children to important events. While I love them all dearly, sometimes, they can be completely unpredictable and can be a nuisance to those around me. This was the case this last Saturday at my best girl’s wedding.

wedding ceremony

I was given the blessed opportunity to be a bridesmaid by a friend of mine for her wedding. This was one of those times where I wish I had hired a force of nannies to take care of my children. The bride just sent me a quite embarrassing picture the wedding photographer took of my youngest girl who escaped the clutches of my husband and wanted to say hi to mommy during the ceremony.  Continue reading “Children at Major Events, Think Twice”

How To Find Free Time As A Busy Parent

Nature has a way into everything and she sure has her way about helping new parents adjust. When you bring your newborn child home it sleeps almost the whole time, and that means that the changes in your way of life are not drastic and you still have some time for yourself.

As time goes by, your baby begins to sleep less and less and your free time gets less and less until it feels like you hardly have any at all.

attachment parentingWhen it comes to having free time, your children’s sleep routines are essential. I feel really sorry for these parents that have to wait until one in the morning for their children to go to sleep. Or those whose children wake up in the middle of the night hungry for milk. Continue reading “How To Find Free Time As A Busy Parent”

New Mommy Blog on the Block

mom blog

New mommy blog on the block!

I’m a relatively new internet user, pretty late to the game if I’m being honest. I started to use the internet more and more though as I was confused about the role I should play as a mommy. Over the years, I have found myself on many mommy blogs where I picked up a lot of tricks of the trade which really helped me develop into the mother I am today. Now, I am here to share some of my mommy knowledge with the rest of the world. Continue reading “New Mommy Blog on the Block”