Friday, June 25, 2010

The Writers' Well: A Weekly Recap of the Best Kidslit Blog Posts

I was given a blog award this week by Julie Musil.  It always brightens my day when I hear that someone enjoys my blog.  It's nice to be appreciated. :)

This has been a busy week with work and getting ready for my first residency at VCFA, which is just a couple of weeks away now.  Since next month is going to be so busy, I've decided that I won't be blogging for the entire month.  In August, I'll be sure to share my experiences in case any of you are considering the MFA program.

Now let's get started and discover some fantastic kidslit posts:

WriterJenn talks about the importance of Refilling the Well.

For Fun
I loved this post on The First Novels Club about how their mothers read YA.  It's really true that many adults are now gravitating to the YA section.  There are many theories as to why, but I think it's because the books are just freaking awesome.

Apparently, Carrie Ryan's mother reads YA novels, too.  Ryan discusses how they share a love for the series Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

Writing Craft
In the Wordy Wednesday post over at Kirby's Lane, she discusses tight writing.

Sarah's Journal has a great list of links on Writing Advice and she also shares her own thoughts on how to start a novel.

If like me, you enjoy reading about how other writers work you'll enjoy Kathleen Duey's recent post on what she's currently working on.

Author Appearances
Amy Brecount will be signing Forget-Her-Nots at the ALA conference on Sunday.  You can read more on her post here.

Kiersten White, author of Paranormalcy, is interviewed over at Market My Words.

Hanna, the main character of Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves, is interviewed over at Paranormal Point of View.  ;)

Literary Asylum interviewed Chelsea Campbell, author of The Rise of Renegade X.

Alyxandra Harvey, author of Hearts at Stake, is interviewed at Cynsations.

Teaching Authors interviewed Claudia Fridell, author of Goliath.

Through the Wardrobe interviewed N. H. Senzai, author of Shooting Kabul.

Laina Taylor's new book has been announced.  It's tentatively titled Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and was purchased by Little Brown at auction.  You can read more about the novel here.

Kiersten Whites novel Paranormalcy will be released August 31, a month earlier than planned.

That's it for this week!  Have a wonderful weekend.  See you in August!


Lisa Gail Green said...

Hey congrats on the award! Julie is awesome. Thanks for the link - and the wink. He he I'm a poet.

Janet Johnson said...

Wow, a lot of awesome links! And speaking of which, I linked over from Julie's. Congrats on the award!

Beverley BevenFlorez said...

Thanks, Lisa and Janet! :)