Friday, April 2, 2010

The Writers' Well: A Weekly Recap of the Best Kidslit Blog Posts

Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you all were able to get off at least one good prank yesterday.  I managed two.  On Facebook, I created a status saying that Facebook and Twitter were going to be merged and the new name would be Twitbook.  My friends and I had such a great time choosing funny names (TwitFace was one of my favorites), it didn't really matter that it all started as an April Fool's prank.

Since there are so many wonderful writer posts this week, let's plunge right into the well.

Finding Wonderland has an extensive list of sites that are participating in the Kidlit NaPoMo--the 2010 KidLit Celebration of National Poetry Month.  Gotta Book has a list, also.

Kelly Barnhill on YA-5 has a post titled "Listen to Yo' Mama: How Every Sex/Dating Truism my Mother ever Told Me Ended Up Being Just as True for Writing."  I know you want to read it.

Anna Staniszewski discusses how Characters Don't Have to be Nice over on her blog.

Dan Greenburg is interviewed by D. M. Cunningham over at Literary AsylumCynsations interviewed Editorial Assistant Andrew Harwell (Dutton Children's Books).  Holly Schindler on her blog interviews a teen Librarian.  Lori Degman was on TV!  She has a link to the television interview on her blog Habitual Rhymer.  On Through the Wardrobe, Janet Fox interviewed debut author Judith Graves.  Also, Edith Cohn on her blog Locket interviewed Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich.

Quite a few blogs are hosting interviews all week.  Here's a few: There's a whole week of interviews over at Kathy McCullough's blog (Kristina McBride, Janet Fox, Shari Maurer, Michele Corriel, Angie Smibert).  Elana Johnson has been interviewing up-and-coming authors (Natalie Whipple, Jamie Harrington, Beth Revis, Heather Petty, Lisa and Laura Roecker).  Market my Words has a huge list of the blogs that conducted interviews this week, so please refer to her post for more of these interviews.

Over at CynJay, C. J. Omololu has an amusing yet instructive post on Waiting (I believe that word should always be capitalized).

Susan Berger on Pen and Ink lists magazines that accept submissions for Children's literature.

Myra McEntire posted her first vlog over at her blog.  She has a cute Peeps in the Microwave metaphor for writing.

Carrie Jones and Megan Kelley Hall on their blogs talk about ways that authors can help children who are being bullied in light of the recent Phoebe Prince tragedy.

I'm naming Kiersten White the luckiest author/blogger on the planet (maybe the they blog out there?).  As kind of a joke, she said the other day that whoever found the most famous author who would read the ARC of her book would get a free ARC of their own.  Within minutes, one of her blog readers tweeted Neil Gaiman who immediately said yes, he'd read it.  On her blog Kiersten Writes, she discusses how awesome this is and how the contest could have gone terribly wrong.

On Market my Words, Shelli has an excellent post on how rejection letters are like dating.


Janelle said...


I LOVE the Writer's Well idea! How great to give us all a one stop place to find a summary of who's covering what on which YA blog sites.

Awesome! I'll plan to keep checking this out, and will share it with my other writer friends.

Also, huge thanks for your donation to Room to Read! Was it based on how many words you have written in March?

- Janelle B

D.M.Cunningham said...

It is a good Friday indeed! Look at all this great posts. This should keep me busy.

Anna said...

Beverley, thanks for linking to my post and for all the great links! I love the name TwitFace, by the way. It sounds like a great insult. :-)

Janelle said...

Hey Beverley,

You're now famous on my blog. Check it out. - Janelle B

Beverley BevenFlorez said...

Thanks, Janelle. My contribution was based on words I wrote between February and March. Yes, I should have written more in March, but I got bogged down in reworking the underwater setting and revision.

Thanks, Matt. I know one of those great posts was yours. :)

Anna, that's funny. It should become a new slang for someone who is being abusive in Social Media forums. Ha ha!

Bish Denham said...

Great stuff! I learned about your blog from Janelle.

Lisa Green said...

I always have to check your Friday feature for awesome blogs to visit! Thanks!

Beverley BevenFlorez said...

Thanks, Lisa! :)